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Graduate Student Coaching

I offer academic coaching for Masters and Ph.D. students from all disciplines. 

While I offer traditional coaching to help you successfully navigate your academic career (e.g. feedback on writing, help developing timelines and sticking to deadlines, etc), my approach to coaching is unique in that I believe establishing work-life balance increases our productivity and sows the seeds for success in our academic careers and in our lives outside of academia as well!

As an academic/dissertation coach, my goal is to help you stay balanced while pursuing your graduate studies so that you can actually enjoy the process of researching and writing and, in turn, be more productive. I want you to look back on this time in your life with fondness and be proud of your accomplishments, including cultivating the ability to be focused and productive while staying balanced.


I am committed to supporting you on an emotional level while also helping you to develop a strategic approach to your studies so that you can reach your end goal of attaining your graduate degree. I am also committed to maintaining your confidentiality so that you have the peace of mind to express yourself freely.

As a general academic coach, I can help you to…

  • identify your strengths as a scholar and feel more self-confident

  • overcome potential barriers to your success, including anxiety, writer’s block, perfectionism, procrastination, “imposter syndrome,” time management difficulties, etc.

  • establish work-life balance 

  • develop strategies for dealing with the pressures of academia (e.g. practicing mindfulness, relaxation techniques, stress management, etc)

  • better understand your working style and the personal writing strategy that is most effective for you

  • brainstorm possible future employment options

  • strengthen your research skills

  • edit applications to graduate programs, funding proposals, essays for publication, dissertation chapters, etc

  • strengthen your research skills

  • prepare for oral presentations and comprehensive examinations

In addition to providing all of the services listed under general academic coaching, as a thesis or dissertation coach I can help you to…

  • develop a feasible timeline and meet the deadlines that you set

  • identify your research interests and possible dissertation topics, chapter topics, theses or hypotheses, etc.

  • identify possible dissertation supervisors that match your academic interests and style of working

  • ensure that your proposal and dissertation have a coherent structure

  • strengthen your analysis and/or arguments

  • edit drafts of your proposal and dissertation chapters

  • develop tools for effectively communicating with your supervisor and committee members and for incorporating their feedback

  • prepare for the dissertation or thesis defense



Cost of Services


I am committed to making academia a happier place.  I am also sensitive to the financial realities that many students face during their graduate studies.  These are the reasons I offer some of the best rates around for academic coaching and editing.

Sessions last 45 minutes and cost $85 (CAD).  The length and frequency of sessions can be tailored to your schedule and needs. 

Reduced rates are available if you purchase sessions as a package

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