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"Study Finds Academic ‘Coaching’ Boosts Graduation Rates" by Jacques Steinberg

This article discusses an academic study on the effectiveness of academic coaching. The article explains that “undergraduates who receive executive-style ‘coaching’ — including guidance on setting goals and time management — are more likely to remain in college and graduate.” I look forward to seeing similar studies done on the effectiveness of academic coaching for graduate students.

“Life in the Accelerated Academy: Anxiety Thrives, Demands Intensify and Metrics Hold the Tangled Web Together” by Mark Carrigan

Carrigan’s article provides a compelling description of the pressures that are placed on academics. He maintains that social media may provide a way of challenging the frantic pace of academia. As Carrigan aptly explains, under the conditions of the accelerated academy, “imagination becomes more difficult and so too does extended deliberation about our circumstances and what matters to us.” In order to be balanced, happy, and productive, it is vital that we slow down and pay attention to how we are shaped by our surroundings and the demands of academia. Check out this link to read more:

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