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Where Balance Meets Productivity!

Welcome to The Balanced Academic! 


As an academic coach, my goal is to help you to not only excel as a scholar but also develop vital life skills. I offer concrete strategies for dealing with the demands of academia, increasing productivity, and establishing work-life balance. When providing coaching and editing services, I draw on my experience of completing my Ph.D. in four years, accessing SSHRC funding at both the M.A. and Ph.D. levels, and teaching at the university level for over 15 years. I am committed to providing the highest quality professional coaching services because I want you to succeed in both your academic life and your personal life. As someone who has firsthand experience of graduate school and teaching in academia, I provide empathetic support and guidance.


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I offer academic coaching for Masters and Ph.D. students from all disciplines.  While I offer traditional coaching to help you successfully navigate your academic career (e.g. feedback on writing, help developing timelines and sticking to deadlines, etc), my approach to coaching is unique in that I believe establishing work-life balance increases our productivity and sows the seeds for success in our academic careers and in our lives outside of academia as well!


As an editor, I am committed to making sure that your writing is clear and effective.  I have served as a peer-reviewer and editor for academic journal articles, textbooks, and distance education courses. As demonstrated by my track record of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals, encyclopedias, and books, I have a solid understanding of the key aspects of effective academic writing.

Articles about Becoming a Balanced Academic!
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